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How do I know if my concrete pool needs resurfacing? How much does it cost to resurface concrete around a pool?

Surrounded by the harsh conditions of the Australian summer, my pool remains my family’s prized possession, being an oasis of serenity and a central attraction point for outdoor relaxation. Nevertheless, to ensure both my glorious backyard’s condition and my safety, I have to maintain it regularly. 

One of these important maintenance tasks is being able to comprehend when a pool with a concrete finish would require resurfacing and the related expenses attributed to homeowners across Australia. Our discussion in this article will cover the signs indicating the requirement for resurfacing, evaluation methods, factors of pool resurfacing cost, and typical prices for resurfacing concrete pools. 

With this knowledge, Australian pool owners can be successful in maintaining their concrete pools which promises them many years of enjoyment and relaxation in their outdoor areas.

How do I know if my concrete pool needs resurfacing?

Concrete pools can be customised to match your desires and built to last indefinitely. However, some finishing components such as plaster or tiles around the pool may break down over time. The surfaces of the concrete pools are most often finished with either plaster or tile/stone, and owners have a variety of designs to choose from. 

Close up of a man fixing the floor of a pool

Signs of Damage

How much does it cost to resurface concrete around a pool?

Concrete pools are a big deal among homeowners because of their great strength and it is easy to create unique designs using them. But as time goes by, the surface of a concrete pool and the deck may need to be resurfaced to maintain the aesthetics and the structural integrity of the pool. The cost of the resurfacing of a concrete pool may change depending on a multitude of factors such as the size of the pool and the finishing colour that will be used. 

Here’s a breakdown of the typical costs associated with concrete pool resurfacing:

Average Cost

On average, concrete pool resurfacing is likely to cost at least $6,500 per 1,000 square feet. Nonetheless, it should be highlighted that the costs could fluctuate when considering the finish chosen and the amount of preparation work required

Finish Options

Concrete pool owners have a wide spectrum of finishing choices to pick from, with each choice having its price point.

Installation Time

Bear in mind that the installation of the preferred finish requires a copious amount of time depending on the finish. While some finishes could be quicker to install, others, like the tile, could be time and labour-intensive, which inadvertently adds to the overall cost of the project.

Ongoing Maintenance

Concrete swimming pools are never a one-time investment but an annual expense that requires proper care and maintenance is regularly performed. A perfect pool chemical balance ( pH level of 7.2 – 7.6) and routine cleaning are the main requirements to make sure that the surface won’t get damaged and the finish’s life gets extended.

Through the comprehension of the costing factors of concrete pool resurfacing and knowing the different finish options, homeowners will be able to choose a suitable solution to maintain a beautiful and functional pool for many years. Homeowners can run into multiple challenges regarding pool repairs including acquiring the most precise quotes and selecting the right finish. Recommendations from trusted industry professionals make the whole process much easier.


Throughout this essay, we have discovered the signs indicating the need for pool resurfacing and the factors that determine the expense of resurfacing.

Proper maintenance should therefore be seen as mandatory to ensure concrete pools stay tip-top and visually appealing for a long time. Swift repairing of damaged signs as well as investing in high-quality resurfacing materials helps considerably extend a pool’s service period and keep maintenance costs at a reasonable level.

Finally, scheduling regular maintenance and timely resurfacing is necessary for the aesthetic and operability of a concrete pool. As the process is sophisticated, consulting with a professional plumber specializing in pool resurfacing is highly advisable to ensure an effective and efficient operation. Professionally trained experts for pool resurfacing are equipped with the required skills, experience, and tools that ensure the job is done promptly and correctly, providing homeowners with the deserved comfort and confidence in their pool decks’ durability.

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